Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A 21st Century Catholic Church

Picture this:  A Catholic church where divorced and remarried Catholics are welcomed with open arms to receive the Eucharist; where the priest, who is himself married, empathizes with parishoners in their child-rearing challenges as he brings the message of Scripture to life in his weekly homily;  that promotes an adult spirituality with particular respect to individual conscience; that celebrates marriages of interfaith couples and welcomes all Christians who believe in the real presence to receive Holy Communion.
Is this concept of Catholicism ahead of its time? 

Possibly not! 

Good Shepherd Church is a parish of the Diocese of American Catholic Communities under the leadership of Bishop Brian Delvaux.  We celebrate a characteristically Catholic tradition, practicing the faith of contemporary Roman Catholicism with only a few doctrinal and disiciplinary exceptions.  Details of the differences can be found on this website.

Good Shepherd Church WELCOMES YOU to our website and blog!

As we journey along the spiritual and secular path of our lives, I hope to enliven, envigorate, and, at times, calm, the mind and spirit of all who will read the words printed here. 

Fr Mike


  1. The openness of Good Shepherd Church welcoming divorced Catholics really helps to make the mass more meaningful for both my husband and myself. Suzanne

  2. Suzanne, you have experienced what it means to be welcomed and "gathered" by a GOOD Shepherd.

    Anyone who has traveled the road of divorce understands how critical the feeling of compassion, acceptance and belonging is in their life and in their new marriage. At Good Shepherd Church we set a priority to reach out to those who feel disconnected, disregarded and sometimes just plain disgusted with some of the practices of other churches regarding divorced and remarried couples.

    Here we welcome all couples to full participation in the Eucharist inviting all to be fed by Word and Sacrament. All, without exception!

  3. This is my first time visiting the blog. This is absolutely a great and interesting idea. Will definitely check this site every day. Also, just love this wonderful Church and all of the clergy. Irene P.

  4. Irene, thank you for your kind comments. This blog is the first component of a social media outreach. Good Shepherd Church will be introducing Facebook and Twitter sites very shortly. Continue to follow us.....and stay tuned for more.