Sunday, August 7, 2011

Can you hear the "range".....

The Old Testament and Gospel readings today answer the age old question:  WHERE IS GOD?

The Book of Kings:  "...a tiny whispering sound."  How subtle, gentle and easy to overlook.  In contrast, Matthew's gospel  recounts the experience of Jesus "walking on the sea."  How dramatic, emotional and full of impact is that experience!

Audiophiles and musicians are aware that the quality of a particular piece of equipment or a particular instrument is dependent on it's "range".  Can a speaker system deliver the high range with clarity and the low range with richness?  Can a musical instrument deliver a good sound in the upper range without the quality of that sound being too bright, too screechy, too thin?  And can it deliver the low end of it's range without losing the depth, richness and clarity of those notes? 

The presence of God has a range also:  a bably wimpering in a manger of hay AND a wedding guest turning water into wine!  A prisoner tacked to a piece of wood on a Friday afternoon AND a light-filled spirit in human form speaking to his followers after his assumed death!  A tiny whispering sound AND a dramatic presence walking on water!

In our lives, can we hear the range of His  presence:  from the silent smile or glance of recognition from a friend to a spectacular sunset;  from a simple exchange of common courtesy (please, thank you, good morning) to a grand celebration of life at a wedding, birthday or anniversary?

With the grace of faith, we have the ears to hear the entire range of His message living today within humanity and within our journey as Christians and as Church.

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  1. What a good reminder that a smile can make a difference and that the small things can matter as much as the big things.