Thursday, August 18, 2011

Celebrating a wedding WHERE??

Good Shepherd Church is unique in several ways but the one ministry that reaches out to Catholics at an important time in their life is our WEDDING MINISTRY.   Many Catholics who have their spiritual roots in the Roman Catholic Church find themselves in a difficult position if they choose to celebrate their wedding at a venue outside of their local parish church and the reasons vary with each couple.  Perhaps they are marrying a non-Catholic; perhaps they wish their ceremony and reception dinner at one location; perhaps they find the beauty of a certain location to reflect their experience of love and of God.  They are looking for an alternative to a wedding ceremony in a church building.

While the theology of the Sacrament of Matrimony echoes Roman Catholicism, some of the disciplines that surround that celebration are different in the American Catholic Church.  One of the rules is WHERE this sacrament can be celebrated.  At Good Shepherd Church, a more Old Testament flavor is evident:  it is the faith of the people that make the ground sacred!  With this in mind and in spirit, our Bishop permits the priests of Good Shepherd to celebrate weddings at a location of their choice.  And, we are honored to be part of their special and sacred day.

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