Sunday, August 21, 2011

We will, we will ROCK YOU ! ! !

You don't have to be a sports fan to have your world ROCKED.  In the spiritual arena, Chrisitianity will hopefully rock our inner world.  Today's gospel recounts Jesus saying to Peter that he is the rock but Peter's world was rocked in so many ways.  Imagine Peter trying walk on water!  Imagine Peter denying Christ the day before His death on the cross!  And then imagine Peter, himself crucified, asking to be turned upside down because of his unworthiness to die in the exact same manner as his Lord!

Through his life journey from a simple fisherman to the leader of a new church, his faith took many turns and weathered many trials.

Today, at Good Shepherd Church, an Independent Catholic community, some would say that we rock the world with an alternative Catholic expression.  Still rooted in the same theology and scripture, we reach out to those who consider themselves on the fringe of Catholicism:  those who have their spiritual roots in Catholicism and have left that spiritual family for one reason or another; or, have found themselves on the outside looking in and not being accepted by the formal, traditional Church.

The Church's ROCK is Jesus Christ and, as church,  has moved through history under the leadership of His apostles and disciples to this day.  Apostolic succession continues through the centuries, even to Bishop Brian Delvaux, Ordinary of the American Catholic Diocese in Lakewood, California.  Good Shepherd Church rocks the world of traditional Roman Catholicism....but we share the same foundation, the same faith and same calling to offer challenge and nourishment to live the fullest of life that we are all invited to live.


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