Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dare to hope!!

Hope can be a misunderstood virtue.  A common understanding of  "hope" is a wish for future resolution or a positive conclusion.  We 'hope' to win the lottery, to pass a test, to be employed, to meet the right person, to have a long and satisfying relationship.  So many hopes and expectations are part of our lives each day.  All of these look to a future conclusion or resolution.

SPIRITUAL HOPE is a grace, a gift, that calls us to inner peace WITHOUT the desired resolution.  While we feel the hunger for resolution and experience the resulting emotional discomfort, we are able to live peacefully in the present and look to the future with confidence.   This hope is not a gamble, crossing our fingers and "hoping" for the best outcome.  Rather it is the willingness to rejoice and be glad (Isaiah and Paul) in spite of current disappointments and frustrations. 

Tension within our families and our relationships, disappointment with the economy both nationally and personally, children and grandchildren facing physical and emotional challenges, present us with two options:  bemoan the circumstance and sink into despair OR accept the unresolved present for what it is and continue our journey in true HOPE, accepting the deep inner peace promised to us through Christ Jesus.

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