Sunday, January 8, 2012


How many times have we heard, or even said, "I don't need to go to church; I can pray at home."

Of course you can.  Prayer is prayer anywhere.  What is the value of church then? 

The Christmas season celebrates LIGHT in the experience of the Christ, the "light to the nations."  As we begin the year 2012, many of us may feel "dark", burdened, overly challenged, in a rut, watching friends suffer physically, emotionally, financially.  These are not easy times.  So, where is the light??

As social beings we are interdependent upon each other to "lighten" and enlighten our life.  To experience the light of hope, of strength to endure, of confidence to proceed, and the light that helps us SEE beyond the material and mundane to a reality of the sacred....this light comes to us from others!  The group experience of prayer, the fellowship of acceptance and the community of faith that strengthens us is the gift of a prayerful church.

We have probably opened gifts this Christmas.  And we are grateful for those who have thought of us and gifted us.  The greatest gift of all is one that allows or calls us to be our best. 

Church itself is a wonderful gift of the Spirit......but SOME ASSEMBLY IS REQUIRED!


  1. This is so true. The need to assemble and attend mass is so important to ones spiritual growth.

  2. Yes, I agree....but that is easy for me since I wrote the blog:)

    There are days that even I don't look forward to Sunday morning but after praying with this community and seeing my friends, I'm glad I was there and meet the new week with a grounding and focus I wouldn't have had. I am glad that you are part of our prayer community.