Tuesday, April 10, 2012

MORE than a possibility.....

The season of Spring reminds us that there is a possibility of NEW LIFE.  We plant seeds in the ground and if they receive enough water, not too much and not too little,  and,  receive proper sunlight, not too much or too little, they will grow into a wonderous bloom of beauty.  The colors and varieties of the springtime gardens remind us that a small seed can take on new life under the right circumstances.

Easter for Christians speaks to more than a possibility of new life.  The Gospel message of new life is a PROMISE!

As we proclaimed the Easter Gospel:  the stone is removed and HE IS RAISED FROM THE DEAD.  The continuation of that reality is a promise of new life to all who are willing to surrender the ego, the addiction, the self-centeredness, the wrong relationship, and walk into the Paschal Candle light of Easter.  We often create our own walls and construct our own tomb out of habit, out of fear.  But the "stone" that keeps us within has been removed once and for all time.  We can leave the tomb, walk out, let the walls crumble at our feet.....painful as it may be.....and accept a new life knowing that we are worthy, deserving and loved.

And the hope of this new life is more than a possibility.  It indeed is a promise!